Philly Kid

On the same night that he was crowned an NCAA wrestling champion, Dillon McCabe (Wes Chatham) was involved in the killing of a cop and then sentenced to fifteen years of prison.

Ten years later, Dillon is paroled back onto the streets of his run-down Baton Rouge neighborhood. Before he can pick up the pieces of his life, his best friend gets in trouble with a vicious loan shark. To get the money to free him, Dillon must return to fighting – this time, mixed martial arts. But his quick, brutal success gets him into more trouble than ever. And after three vicious triumphs, he discovers that his real opponent is a corrupt system that requires him to do the impossible: lose.

Jason Connery

Adam  Mervis

Wes Chatham: Dillon
Devon Sawa: Jake
Sarah Butler: Amy
Neal McDonough: LA Jim
Chris Browning: Marks
Michael Jai White: Arthur Letts



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