Jason Connery Bio

Jason Connery started directing feature films six years ago through his production company Unconditional Entertainment.
He directed and produced his first two films “Pandemic”, which was sold worldwide leading to the Sony release of “The Devil’s Tomb” starring Cuba Gooding Jr, Ron Perlman and Ray Winstone. Connery then went on to direct Syfy’s highest viewed film of the year “51” with Bruce Boxleitner, and John Shea. His most recent film “The Philly Kid” was based on a true story made for Warner Brothers, produced by Joel Silver, starring Wes Chatham, Neal McDonough, and Michael Jai White.

Connery has also been an actor for over thirty years appearing in more than 100 films and television shows. While he continues to act he is also commissioned to travel all over the country for his expertise in teaching on camera seminars.
Connery has directed many plays throughout his career and also started “Short Mondays”, a venue in Hollywood for artists to exhibit their short films.

Although Connery has a number of films in the works Lion’s Den being the next in Line, “Tommy’s Honor” is a huge priority, “It’s a fantastic story, a father and son love story, with golf being the backdrop. Also we shoot in my native country of Scotland, what could be better?!!”